Your sign up functionality just stopped working.
Your web site is very slow. It takes 15 seconds to load.
The term "Add to cart" is not present on the product page.
"When a customer tells you that your web site is not working, you already lost 10 others."

Who checks if your web site is running correctly? — We do.

  1. You very easily set up tests for your web site.
  2. Appatrol monitors the functionality.
  3. You will receive an email (or text or call...) as soon as something isn't working properly.
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Create tests without any coding.

You can set up a variety of tests, using click commands and text inputs. Check if your business web site is running, the cart functionalities of your web shop or more complex operations in your web application.

Test it now!

Appatrol wakes you up.
If you want to.

You are a developer and an error occurs in the middle of the night? We provide several ways to let you know. For example: Automated phone calls 24/7.

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