What is this?

Appatrol is like a patrol car that visits your web site and automatically checks whether everything on your web site is working as intended. If something breaks, Appatrol sends out a notification or gives you (or your web developer) a call.

Do I have to install something?
Is this an App?

No. This is a cloud-based service.
You just set up tests in your browser, Appatrol takes care of the rest.

What could happen that would cause my web site to fail?

A lot of things. From third party elements you have included to simple code changes that cause errors where you don't expect them to happen.

Do I have to write any code?

No. We tried to make it as simple as possible to set up tests. You can simply click on the elements you want to be tested. Try it out.

Can I test this for free?

Of course! Our example test checks the functionality of Wikipedia's search field. You can modify the test to see how Appatrol works with your web site.
Test it here.

What kind of tests are possible?

You can use these functions to test your web site:

  • clicking on elements (links)
  • filling input fields and text areas
  • checking check boxes
  • selecting from a dropdown menu
  • submitting forms

Can I test multiple web sites?

Yes. You can set up tests for an unlimited number of web sites and domains.

What does patrols per day mean?

The number of patrols per day are shared among all your tests.

Example: If your plan supports 480 patrols per day and you have 8 saved tests, each test will be executed 60 times each day.

How do I set up my tests?

You can choose elements with Appatrol's visual helper.
Click on this symbol to choose an element:

If you know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can use your own identifier (selector) for any object on the page.

There is a p missing in your name.

You can reports bugs here.